Weekly Roundup

Each Tuesday we will be compiling our author and WGP highlights. Stop by each week to see what we have all been up to! 

Have a look at our latest book cover from author Sherry Foley for her upcoming novel, A Captive Heart. While you wait you can read her current thriller Switched in Death.


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Author News:

Veritas author Ina Schroders-Zeeders attended the poetry festival in Bridlington where her poems were read to a large audience.

Author Heather Grace Stewart was a guest author on Freelance Writing Business Coach and author Paul Lima’s blog. You can also find a recent interview on  the website of Andrea Eygenraam.

Upcoming author of What We Did With Old Moons, M.V. Montgomery,  will have a short story “The Heart of the Matter” published by Static Movement Press, and has two poems published: “A Dictionary of Animal Symbols” in Willows Wept Review, and “This Poem” in Misfits’ Miscellany.

Natasha Head, author of Nothing Left to Lose had a poem published on the highly popular website A Broader View.