Kelsi Rose is a renowned poet and award-winning photographer. She has appeared as a speaker and featured performer at the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, the Writer’s Wordshop, and the King’s Courtyard Artist Collective. Kelsi is currently a mentor for young and seasoned poets in the outskirts of Pennsylvania’s capitol, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

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Paperback Wings and Patchwork Eyes Available Soon.

Sparrow is available now in print and eBook




A mosaic of memory, of piecing life together in a way that reminds us how we started small, humble; that reminds us how our grandmother’s hands worked those scraps of fabric into masterful quilts. Paperback Wings and Patchwork Eyes, the sister collection to Sparrow (2016), continues to light the way through the uncertain times of life, finds a way to hold our hands through the darkness, and comfort us when the sky feels like it is falling. This collection reminds us that we can tear ourselves apart, sew ourselves back together, and still be beautifully whole.












Sparrow by Kelsi RoseAs our surroundings seem to close in on us, the strength to pull through comes boiling up from somewhere. It is based in the gained knowledge from our experiences, and it changes our world for the better. Sparrow is the collection that guides readers down that dark road with a light waiting around the corner. It is an adventurous statement in poetic style-and in life resolution-that anchors us in humanity and encourages our relationships with wildflowers and daydreams.