• Fire-Forged (Air-Born Series)

    Scales can fly and feathers swim Hope can water lifeless sands But can a way be forged through fire When one must fall where none can stand? The rains of True Realm are failing, and no-one knows why. The lack of water turns prey into predator, and predator back into prey – the danger to… [Continue Reading]

    Fire-Forged (Air-Born Series)
  • My Father, My Friend: Reflections on the Journey

    With candor and empathy, My Father, My Friend exposes the soft underbelly and tender moments of aging. Old wounds and new roles weave a complex fabric colored by family lore, love, laughter, and song, intertwined with threads of inevitable change and loss.

    My Father, My Friend: Reflections on the Journey
  • Journal of Henry David Tarantula

    Who the H is Henry David Tarantula? That’s what George P. Stone, Mayor of William, Arizona, wants to know. Particularly since he is the mayor’s opponent in the upcoming election. Henry David Tarantula lives in a cave above the town of William. He has assumed the unusual name as he portrays himself as the Henry… [Continue Reading]

    Journal of Henry David Tarantula
  • The Art of Restoration

    Pre-Order – Available August 2nd!

    The Art of Restoration
  • Unveilings

    From states of the world, to glimpses of hope, Gary Becks truth rings out in stunning poetic verse.  


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