Wasp’s Nest – Roma Sequel Book Cover

Author of critically acclaimed Roma, Underground will release the second in the series, Wasp’s Nest, this November. Gabriel Valjan weaves another conspiracy that some would argue is even more intense than the last. Catch up on Roma, Underground before the sequel makes its way to shelves.


In the highly anticipated sequel to Roma, Underground, Bianca returns to the U.S. for her former employer, the covert organization Rendition, to investigate Cyril Sargent and Nasonia Pharmaceutical. Although ambivalent about the assignment and uneasy about her online “friend,” Loki, she is enticed into researching what Sargent is doing with insect genetics that might upset the world of cancer research and treatment. Old friends Farrugia and Gennaro uncover a twisted conspiracy from their past and join Bianca in Boston where they will experience conflicted loyalties, question allies, and confront uncertain enemies, as they’re drawn into the wasp’s nest.