Weekly Roundup

Each Tuesday we will be compiling our author and WGP highlights. Stop by each week to see what we have all been up to!


Author News:

Author of Nothing Left to Lose and the upcoming collection Pulse, Natasha Head pulled of a successful 100Thousand Poets for Change Event this past weekend. They discussed social issues and used their poetic voices to educate and be unified.

Lorca Damon, author of the upcoming YA novel Driving the Demon, has had a huge response to her new project Writers on the Inside, a site dedicated to the children she works with in a Juvenile Detention Facility. Readers have been very touched by the heartfelt pieces these children have been writing.

What We Did With Old Moons author M.V. Montgomery’s poem “This Poem” was nominated for a Best of the Net award by Misfits’ Miscellany and the story “Hostages for Christmas” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for fiction by Midwestern Gothic.

Gary Beck, author of the upcoming Dawn in Cities collection had Burning wood Literary Journal accept “Tones”, a poem from ‘Conditioned Response’.