Threads of Life by Jessica Kristie

Author of Dreaming in Darkness, Jessica Kristie, has her second collection Threads of Life to be released March 2012 as part of our National Poetry Month Offerings.  Jessica is a talented poet who will draw you into this new collection with her heartfelt prose poetry.  Each piece will leave you wanting more and bring you to a place of reflection and understanding.


Look for Threads of Life March 2012


Enter the astonishingly honest world of American poet, Jessica Kristie. Her new book Threads of Life is a crushing testament to the pain and anguish surrounding dysfunctional relationships. This author of the Pushcart Prize nominated volume Dreaming in Darkness has gone deeper into the human soul, revealing a fascinating understanding of those who are forced to endure the bleakest of circumstances, and affirming that true forgiveness is achieved through one’s own inner peace.