Journey by Kathryn Mattingly

Later this year, accomplished novelist Kathryn Mattingly will be releasing her second title, Journey. Follow Kylie Hudson on her quest for truth and her journey to unravel all that lies in-between.

Read Kathryn’s debut novel, Benjamin, and her short story collection, Fractured Hearts, wherever books are sold.

Caught between a past that haunts her and a future that seems unclear, Professor Kylie Hudson finds herself on a journey that presents more questions than answers. Beginning with her sister’s death, and the delivery of a teak wood chest, Kylie’s quest for the truth uncovers a history of secrets and lies. To move forward, Kylie must sort through the events and relationships of her life and come to terms with what she finds. Confronted with the knowledge that her future is ultimately up to her, she is forced to turn her search for answers inward—what she finds may surprise even her.

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