Weekly Roundup

Each Tuesday we will be compiling our author and WGP highlights. Stop by each week to see what we have all been up to!


 Now available in hardback! A Captive Heart

Now on pre-sale:What We Did With Old Moons(Paperback) ,  The Secret Templar Alliance (Hardback), and Wasp’s Nest (paperback).


Author News:

Author of Magic in the Backyard, Kellie Elmore, has set up a food drive to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Take a moment to stop by the site and donate.

Gary Beck and upcoming author of Dawn in Cities had Milk and Honey Siren accept three poems from Rude Awakenings; Idle Time, Rebuffed, ThevLamentations of a Prophet. Nostrovia accepted two poems from Rude Awakenings. The South Townsville Micro Poetry Journal ( Australia), published Speechless in Another Land, from Rude Awakenings.

Announcements for tomorrows release of What We Did With Old Moons have appeared in Macalester Today (quarterly print magazine), Life Today (newsletter), and Mauvaise Graine (blog). Author M.V. Montgomery has also had a collection of poetry and experimental fiction titled The Island of Charles Foster Kane accepted by Ephemera Publishing.