Sea-Drawn by Laura Power

Book 3 in the Air-Born series by Laura Power will be out later this year! Sea-Drawn continues the fantasy and pulls us back into the beautiful realm of adventure and enchantment. Catch up on the series by reading Air-Born and Earthbound.

“There is a place of magic left,
And what you seek will there be found;
But draw your cloak tight and stoke a lantern,
For there is but the long way ’round . . .”

Can magic be reconjured, if a skin is sewn again?

With Zaralathaar ageing, the Greenwood Court reforms to find a successor worthy of guarding the Enchantress’s Fountain. Yet to conjure such magic as would re-establish defence of the Realm demands completion of a near-impossible feat, so Racxen joins the other hopefuls in a quest to summon forth the ravenous, moonstruck Kelpie stallion and survive a lap’s ride around his lake. Meanwhile, Amber is thrust into a parallel nightmare when she finds the sickening vestiges of a primal act of savagery: a Selkie’s pelt lies torn and scattered, by a foe more dangerous than even the Kelpie. To heal a man who cannot return home, Amber makes it her quest to find and stitch the pieces, and unite a lost soul with his skin. Together, they could end up saving more than they realise.