New Release: Earth-Bound (Air-Born Sequel)

The second book in the Air-Born YA series by Laura Power is now available! Earth-Bound continues the in-depth conflict growing in the Realm. Follow Amber and her friends and pick-up the first in the series here.

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“The days ahead will darken
Yet hope can still be found
However closely the storm presses
It’s not your fate to be earth-bound . . .”

Can the quest survive when all seems lost?

As the storm clouds of conflict gather over the Realm, time stretches thin for Amber and her friends to make good their pledge to free its lands from the darkness wrought by monsters beyond nightmare. Their only hope lying with a near-impossible chance, the companions form the germ of an ambitious strategy, embarking on a perilous quest from the verdant Endless Forest to the Goblin-ravaged desert town of Arkh Loban, through forbidden subterranean passages and the mythic Way of Ice and Fire. Herein each must find the courage to endure their own sacrifice and fulfil their own destiny, for only then can they together take a final stand against an evil which none alone can hope to defeat.