Cover Reveal: Elidad

Look for the debut novel buy author Eva Hulett later this year! 


The Catholic Church has a secret. A hidden sector of priests called Crusaders continues in the modern day to do battle with the very real evil concealed amongst humanity.

When Elidad’s father goes missing she is forced to accept help from the least likely candidate, Aiden, a trusted representative of the Church. Until now, Aiden knew nothing of the Crusaders’ existence or what they fight in the shadows of our world to keep mankind safe. As their journey brings Elidad and Aiden closer to unraveling the reason for her father’s disappearance, Elidad will discover the truths he was attempting to conceal. Truths that will darkly foreshadow Elidad’s life, and prove to be the catalyst for her own showdown with ultimate evil.

Elidad by Eva Hulett