Book Cover Reveal: Beyond the Pale

WGP is very excited for the new release by the extraordinary poet and wordsmith, M.V. Montgomery. His new short story collection, Beyond the Pale is a quirky humorous look at horror and will leave you excited to read more.

Get a glimpse of the wonderful work by M.V. Montgomery and read his current release, What We Did With Old Moons, out Now!

Look for Beyond the Pale this May.

Fans of old Saturday afternoon creature features and Alfred Hitchcock mystery anthologies will relish this thrilling collection of stories from author M.V. Montgomery. These are tales of haunted Hollywood, from an ill-fated vampire documentary to the tragic case of a method actor who takes his latest monster assignment too seriously. And for those whose sense of humor may sometimes stretch beyond the pale, rest assured you will find plentiful zombies, witches, spirits, and other creatures of the night that prefer to bump against the funny bone. Welcome!

Beyond the Pale