Barbed-Wire Butterflies Now On Pre-sale: Join the Movement!

Barbed-Wire Butterflies is a gritty tale of a most unlikely heroine and her struggle against greed, corruption and indifference.” – John Malik, Huffington Post

Reviewed in the Huffington Post and already receiving critical praise, Barbed-Wire Butterflies is now on pre-sale in hardback at Barnes & Noble. Jessica Kristie will be donating 100% of her print royalties to the international non-profit organization Courage Worldwide, who is rescuing children out of sex trafficking. Find out more about Jessica’s advocacy on her website. Order your copy today and join the movement against human trafficking; each sale supports the cause.

Hardback release: 1/23

eBook release: 1/25

Paperback release in early March

Add Barbed-Wire Butterflies to your Goodreads List, read and share the Huffington Post Review, and support the cause by telling your friends.

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Barbed-Wire Butterflies

Elani Benjamin had never imagined the level of fear and uncertainty that was now a demoralizing part of her everyday life. With freedom ripped from her world, Elani must stand alongside the hundreds of other women forced into slave labor by the mysterious organization that runs The Hub. At only thirteen years of age, she must decide if she will give in to the daily atrocities surrounding her or keep fighting her courageous, emotional battle for freedom. Malnutrition, intimidation, and abuse force them all into an isolated depression that guarantees compliance. On the edge of surrender, Elani finds an ally in Eddie, a repentant long-term employee of The Hub who gives her the resolution to find a way out of her imprisonment and the hope of reclaiming her stolen freedom.