CareyGlennSmithFrom a simple, spiritual place, Carey Glenn Smith delivers poetry that shapes and heightens our human experiences. By eliciting beauty, capturing longing, and questioning our fundamental universal aspirations, he presents his interpretation of life through literary art. Recent publications that have featured his work include Penny Ante Feud, Nefarious Ballerina, and Black Heart Magazine. Carey Glenn Smith has earned his Master’s in Art Education from Lander University, and his BFA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. In addition to poetry, he regularly exhibits paintings and prints throughout the Southeast U.S., and is an associate professor of art history at Piedmont Technical College in South Carolina.

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Tithing All The CandorBringing to the surface what is in the depths of us all, Tithing All the Candor takes everything that we as humans offer each other and presents it in its most transcendent yet vulnerable form. Pain is accepted and ultimately overcome by the body. Joy is humanized and translated into the universal. While the process is often concise, it can at times be a slow-blooming flower that merely exists to reflect beauty. When both occur simultaneously, the result is not just an offering but a confession that is completely honest in its gift.