Cover Reveal: The Expanse Between

Talented writer Lee L. Krecklow’s fiction novel, The Expanse Between, is set for release early 2017. Lee’s eloquently woven words are not to be missed so stay tuned for this exciting release.

When former writer and social recluse Thomas Stone witnesses through his window a violent fight between his neighbor and her boyfriend, the scene ignites memories that, years earlier, inspired his only celebrated novel. Revitalized, he writes what he witnessed and, for weeks after, watches his neighbor ceaselessly, secretly following her when she leaves her home, using her to inform his “fictional” character. But when contact with her is threatened, Thomas panics and begins pulling any strings he can to propel his story—his creation—toward his desired conclusion.
Telling its story from three perspectives, The Expanse Between braids lives into a twisted rope of deception, exploitation, and retribution.