Air-Born Release!

Winter Goose is very excited for the epic fantasy release, Air-Born by the fabulously talented Laura Power. This is Part 1 of an  intriguing story, that when finished will leave you anxious for the next one! Get your copy now on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Air-Born 3D

“Flesh to stone and ash to fire

As night must precede morn;

Whatever’s gained, whatever’s lost

Become more than you were born . . .”

Can two outcasts save the Realm?

Banished in disgrace after losing a priceless heirloom days before her coming of age ceremony, Amber’s search takes her far beyond the borders of Fairymead and sends her stumbling into a Goblin plot of sorcery and savagery. Giving up her ability to fly in order to rescue Racxen, a swamp-dwelling, claw-handed young Arraheng man who is battling demons of his own, Amber joins forces with him to both thwart a monster long consigned to legend and carve her identity anew.