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Take Something When You Go by Dawn Leas

Take Something When You Go: Cover Reveal

WGP is excited for the first release by poet Dawn Leas!

These Things Too Have Shape By William Stratton

These Things Too Have Shape Now Available

The second poetry collection by William Stratton is now available wherever books are sold.

Lips Open and Divine by Matthew Hamilton

Lips Open and Divine Cover Reveal

The poetry collection Lips Open and Divine, by Matthew Hamilton, will be out early this year!

Stay With Me Awhile by Loren Kleinman

Stay With Me Awhile Cover Reveal

The heartwarming wordsmith Loren Kleinman releases a new poetry collection, Stay with Me Awhile, early this year! Love stays with us far longer than we realize. Loren Kleinman’s Stay with Me Awhile shows how our underlying[…]

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