Winter Goose Publishing

Winter Goose Publishing


Jessica Kristie

Founder and Publisher

As an author and poet, Jessica finds comfort in the written word. Writing since the age of ten and haunted by a desire to contribute to the growth and education of others, she founded Winter[…]

Joey McMahon

Executive Editor

Though Joey would rather be haunting an abandoned lighthouse, he understands stories can bring you back from the brink of ruination, can help you find yourself, and can help you rediscover people you might have[…]

Sherry Foley

Managing Editor

A long time author and friend of WGP, Sherry brings her passion to the organization as Managing Editor. We are better for having the talents and creative spirit that Sherry offers to our team. Through[…]

Nikko James

Executive Assistant

Hailing from California, Nikko always keeps us organized and on task. In his spare time he goes to school, reads, and loves all things Star Wars. Nikko supports our special projects, communications, and fills in[…]

Benny the Goose


Benny is our faithful mascot. He is a fabulous writer and always keeps us on our heels as he runs (and sometimes flies) around the office. Benny puts his seal of approval on all of[…]

Michelle Lovi

Book Design and Digital Production Manager

Talented entrepreneur Michelle Lovi joined WGP early in its inception. Her presence has brought strength and quality to every book we release. Her patience and guidance has been an important piece to our puzzle. Michelle[…]

Ladd Woodland

Graphic Design and Brand Manager

Ladd brings us an amazing sense of humor, breathtaking talent, and a sweet disposition that makes him a constant joy to work with. Ladd specializes in a holistic approach to brand development that has brought[…]