Richard Trevae is the author of suspense novels The Israeli Betrayal and The Tarasov Solution. He is a formally trained engineer who has been successful in the world of finance and management. His business experience and well-traveled observations of the world aid in his detail-oriented tales of intrigue and espionage.

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Look for The Secret Templar Alliance November 2012

While visiting Switzerland to attend a college friend’s wedding, Dalton Crusoe is drawn into the dark world of corrupt Swiss bankers whose history involves ties to The Knights Templar, and financially enabling the rise of Nazi Germany. When his friend is killed after discovering the lead to an ancient Alpine Templar repository, Dalton picks up the investigation and quickly begins to uncover more than he bargained for. As he discovers layers of corruption running deep within The Secret Templar Alliance, he realizes there is no turning back, and that he may never be safe again.